Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Rosetta and The Woman Who Slept with One Eye Open

My Rosetta and The Woman Who Slept with One Eye Open by Judith Ortiz Cofer are considered to be very significant to me due to the lessons they consist of. My Rosetta taught the reader about allowing an individual to release from traditional restrictions and beliefs. The main character of the essay, Judith, was being raised in a Catholic family and taught in a Catholic school; however, a teacher in the school Judith attended was not as predictable as the other teachers were. This teacher, Sister Rosetta, pushed Judith to finally break out of her shell and be proud of what she believed in. This relates to my personal life because of my strict Catholic family; nonetheless, my parents have always restricted me from doing certain things such as encouraging factors that are not agreed with in traditional Catholic beliefs. The Woman Who Slept with One Eye Open initiates the possibility of an individual's motivation to lead them to success. Maria Sabida, considered to be the "smartest woman on the whole island", is the main character of a very popular Spanish story. She finds a way to punish a group of men who have been terrorizing her country side for many years by sacrificing her peace of mind; however, she is rewarded by gaining the respect of many individuals including the leader of the gang. This story inspired Judith to stay strong during any challenge to gain the reward she believes she deserves. Staying strong to complete a challenge that will benefit me in the future has occurred numerous times. I have had to accompany myself in journeys that will contribute me mentally and physically.

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